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10 Reasons Why Health Insurance is Important for You to Have 

Health insurance is one type of vital insurance that must be owned by everyone. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know the importance of health insurance, even underestimate it. Health insurance is considered expensive and drains monthly expenses. In fact, there are many reasons why health insurance is important for you to have. 

By having health insurance, you are actually saving money, you know. That way, you don't have to spend more money on medical expenses in the future. 

Indeed, no one wants to get sick and seek treatment. However, no one can guarantee that a person will be healthy forever. Sickness is one of the risks that must be faced by every living human being. 

The advantage, you can transfer the risk to the insurance company to bear it. The insurance company will provide compensation and sum assured if you are sick and need to be treated. Herein lies the importance of health insurance for you to have. 

The definition of health insurance is insurance coverage that pays for and covers medical, surgical, and other health-related treatment costs as stated in the insurance policy. Later, the insurance company issuing the policy will reimburse all costs incurred due to illness or injury, as well as pay direct treatment costs. 

There are 2 ways insurance companies cover medical expenses. The first way, the insured first pays all the costs of care and treatment, then the insurance company will reimburse all these costs after the insurance claim process is approved. While the second method, all costs are directly transferred to the insurance, so the insured does not need to pay for medical treatment first. Generally, the second way is preferred by insurance customers. 

In the following, Qoala explains the benefits and importance of health insurance for everyone to have. Check out the full review, yes! 

1. Provide protection/protection for yourself and your family 

The first reason for the importance of health insurance is the existence of protection or protection for yourself and your family. By having health insurance, you and your family will get health protection. If at any time you need care and treatment, insurance will cover these needs. Sickness is an unexpected event that can happen to anyone, including yourself and your family. Therefore, with the protection you get from insurance, you will be calmer in living your life and not be confused if you have to spend big money for medical needs. You and your family are more comfortable in your activities because they are protected by insurance. 

2. Reducing the risk of possible bankruptcy or depletion of assets due to high health costs 

Everyone is aware that current medical and health costs are not cheap. In fact, these costs are getting more expensive by the day. This is related to the increasingly sophisticated technology in the medical field. Health costs have increased by 13% every year. With these high costs, it is not impossible that you will experience bankruptcy when you have to pay for medical expenses. Especially if the pain comes unexpectedly. This is where the importance of health insurance that will cover the cost of treatment. You just pay a premium every month or every year, so the risk of going bankrupt due to high health costs can be minimized. In fact, many poor people suddenly after being sick, you know. So, don't underestimate health insurance! 

3. Be a part of careful financial planning for the future 

Can be an important part of future financial planning is also one of the reasons it is important to have health insurance. When you buy a health insurance product, you will have dependents to pay the premium every month. Like it or not, you have to manage your finances in such a way that insurance premiums are still paid off without disturbing other expense items. From here you will learn how to plan finances well. In addition, with health insurance, financial planning will be safer in the future. The premium that you set aside every month can help future interests. That is why health insurance is very necessary to have. 

4. Become a safety net in unforeseen conditions 

If you are still asking about how important it is to have health insurance, then the answer is very important. Even though you have to pay a premium every month, insurance can actually be a safety net in unforeseen conditions. No one knows what will happen in the future, including when the disease comes. Even though you already have an emergency fund, but an emergency fundit could be used up for medical expenses if you don't use insurance. Being young and healthy is not a guarantee that someone will always be healthy, because disaster can happen at any time. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic that suddenly struck in early 2020 was an unexpected condition. However, by having sufficient insurance and emergency funds, the COVID-19 pandemic can be passed more calmly. So you already know how important it is to have health insurance? 

5. Make it easier for customers to get the best health facilities 

Having health insurance is the same as having access to the best health facilities when seeking treatment. Later you will get the best health services and facilities according to the premium you pay. You can get various health service benefits, such as hospitalization, ICU room fees, specialist doctors, critical illness treatment, reimbursement of drug and prescription costs, outpatient care, to death benefits. Generally, hospital partners provided by insurance companies are also competent hospitals with complete facilities. This is certainly different from the services you get if you only rely on BPJS. If BPJS only provides level I health facilities for treatment, in contrast to health insurance, it can provide the best specialist doctor and hospital services. 

6. Provides time efficiency to payment methods 

The next important reason for health insurance is time efficiency and the method of payment if you have to seek treatment. The facilities provided by health insurance will make you more comfortable and efficient in treatment. When you are sick, you will get treatment quickly and immediately without the need to think about costs again. Only by showing the insurance card, the hospital can immediately take care of it without the need to ask for administrative costs first. The hospital will immediately delegate the burden of payment to the insurance company. 

7. Gives a sense of security, calm, and comfort 

Another reason it is important to have health insurance is to provide a sense of security, calm, and comfort. It is undeniable that by having health insurance, you will feel more secure, calm, and comfortable in living life. There is no sense of anxiety or fear if something unexpected happens in the future. This is because you have health protection or protection that can be used anytime if needed. By having health insurance, you will not be afraid to bother your family or closest people if you have to pay large amounts of medical expenses. 

8. Reduce stress 

The sudden arrival of an illness can be stressful, you know, especially if you don't prepare an emergency fund to cover treatment. Medical costs are getting more expensive from day to day is also a psychological pressure in itself. Well, by having health insurance, it can reduce the pressure and stress that may occur. Insurance will later cover the cost of treatment so you don't have to think about health costs. Especially if you add life insurance, the stress will decrease. If unexpected things happen in the future, you will feel calmer and avoid stress. This is where the importance of life and health insurance for you to have. 

9. Train yourself to be more disciplined in managing expenses 

It seems simple, but collecting money to pay for health insurance premiums turns out to be beneficial. You can train yourself to be more disciplined in managing expenses. Insurance premiums become dependents every month, that means you have to set a budget each month so that the insurance premium posts don't interfere with other expense items. Let's just say you're saving and collecting money for the future, even if it's in the form of protection. 

10. Provide a combination of investments for the future 

The reason for the importance of health insurance in other lives is as an additional means or support in investing. Especially for those of you who buy unit link insurance, you can simultaneously invest for the future. Unit link insurance is a combination of protection and investment. Later the premium you pay will be put into two lines, the first line is used to pay for protection and the second line is placed in mutual funds or other investments in the form of unit links. By paying a number of unit link insurance premiums, you will get protection as well as investment. You also don't need to be confused in managing investment funds because in this case the insurance company will act as an investment manager. 

Those are 10 reasons why health insurance is important for life now and in the future. Health insurance is divided into several types, namely personal, group, private, government, inpatient and outpatient health insurance. CellIn addition, there is also health insurance which is incorporated in life insurance. You can choose the best type of health insurance according to your needs and abilities. Choose insurance premiums that are not burdensome to keep your monthly finances balanced. Also choose a complete insurance product with various additional benefits. 

After knowing the reasons for the importance of health insurance, you can also find a wide selection of health insurance products in this article. You can see a wide selection of products with attractive premiums there. Also find various information about insurance and finance here

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